Privacy Statement

Updated March 31, 2018

IP Cow strives hard to make sure that your privacy is held in the highest regard. We make sure to continually update this policy as IP Cow grows and expands so that it will always be up to date and let you know what we do or do not do with your information.

Data Collection - Some of our services (e.g. the different tests) require the collection of the following information, none of this information is personal and none is stored.

  • Your IP Address
  • Your Web Browser and version
  • Your Screen Size
  • Your ability to accept cookies
  • Your ability to use Java
  • Your version of JavaScript
  • Your version of VBScript
  • etc ...

Cookies - We don't use them.

Information Sharing - We do not sell, rent or give away any information.

Web Server Logs - We analyze the web server log files for statistics and trends. We will not use these logs to track individuals movements through the site.

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