IP Cow

Web Browser Capabilities

This web browser has the following capabilities:
Supports ActiveX controls: False
Adapter count: 0
Is an AOL browser: False
Supports background sounds: False
Is a beta version: False
Browser type: Unknown
Browser ID: default
Number of browsers in dictionary: 1
Can initiate voice call: False
Can render after input or select element: True
Can render empty selects: True
Can render input and select elements together: True
Can render mixed selects: True
Can render OnEvent and Prev elements together: True
Can render postback cards: True
Can render setvar elements with a value of 0: True
Can send mail: True
Supports Channel Definition Format: False
CLR version on client: 0.0
Can combine forms in deck: True
Submit button limit: 1
ECMA script version: 0.0
Gateway major version: 0
Gateway minor version: 0
Gateway version: None
Has back button: True
Hide right-aligned multi-select scrollbars: False
Supported input type: telephoneKeypad
Is client a given browser: False
Is color display: False
Is a crawler: False
Is mobile device: False
Supports JavaScript: False
JScript version: 0.0
Major version of browser: 0
Max. href length: 10000
Max. rendered page size in bytes: 2000
Max. softkey label length: 5
Minor browser version: 0
Minor browser version (as string): 0
Mobile device manufacturer: Unknown
Mobile device model: Unknown
MS DOM version: 0.0
Number of soft keys: 0
Platform of client: Unknown
Preferred image MIME: image/gif
Preferred rendering MIME: text/html
Preferred rendering type: html32
Preferred request encoding:
Preferred response encoding:
Renders break before WML select/input: False
Renders breaks after HTML lists: True
Renders breaks after Wml anchor: False
Renders breaks after Wml input: False
Renders Wml do accepts inline: True
Renders break before WML select/input: False
Required meta tag name value:
Requires break before WML select/input: False
Requires content type meta tag: False
Requires control state in session: False
Requires DBCS character: False
Requires HTML adaptive error reporting: False
Requires leading page break: False
Requires no break in formatting: False
Requires output optimization: False
Requires phone number as text: False
Requires special viewstate encoding: False
Requires unique file path suffix: False
Requires unique HTML checkbox names: False
Requires unique HTML input names: False
Requires URL encoded postfield values: False
Screen bit depth: 1
Screen height in character lines: 40
Screen width in characters: 80
Screen height in pixels: 480
Screen width in pixels: 640
Supports ACCESSKEY: False
Supports body color: True
Supports bold: False
Supports cache-control meta tag: True
Supports callback: False
Supports cookies: True
Supports CSS: False
Supports DIV align: True
Supports DIV nowrap: False
Supports empty string in cookie value: True
Supports font color: True
Supports font name: False
Supports font size: False
Supports frames: False
Supports image submit: False
Supports i-mode symbols: False
Supports input istyle attribute: False
Supports input mode: False
Supports italics: False
Supports Java: False
Supports JPhone multimedia attributes: False
Supports JPhone picture symbols: False
Supports querystring in form action: True
Supports redirect with cookie: True
Supports select multiple: True
Supports uncheck: True
Supports receiving XML over HTTP: False
Supports tables: False
Gets the browser name/version: Unknown
Supports VBScript: False
Old version: 0.0
W3C DOM version: 0.0
Is Win16-based computer: False
Is Win32-based computer: False
Microsoft HttpBrowserCapabilities Class Documentation

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